Turkish unconditional support to Bosnia

Turkey supports accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to NATO.

Turkish unconditional support to Bosnia

At the meeting of Chief of the General Staff of the Republic of Turkey Necdet Ozel with Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ante Jelec held on Thursday in Sarajevo, Jelec said that Turkey unconditionally supported Bosnia on its way to Euro Atlantic integration, NATO and its overall development.

Turkey supports accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the NATO Membership Action Plan without any conditions, a statement released by the Bosnian Defence Ministry said.

The officials discussed the cooperation of the Armed Forces of the two countries. They concluded that their cooperation is implemented through the high level visits, activities defined by the annual plan of the bilateral military cooperation, donation of the military equipment by the Armed Forces of Turkey to Bosnia, education and training members of the Bosnian Armed Forces in Turkey and project of the mutual education of the European Union Force (EUFOR) and Bosnian Armed Forces, where the Turkish Armed Forces as a contingent of EUFOR are engaged in assistance to Bosnian Armed Forces in the filed of education and consulting the teams.

A statement released from the Ministry said that the visit of the Turkish delegation to Bosnia is a proof of the Bosnian-Turkish mutual friendship, and that it guarantees the further cooperation and Turkish support to Bosnia on its way to NATO.

Both sides expressed their expectations to continue good cooperation and improve it in the fields of education, mutual military exercises, other projects and activities.

Turkish General Necdet Ozel is in his Balkan tour. He arrived in Bosnia from Kosovo and will stay two days.



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