US delegation visits Syrian refugee camp in Turkey

A US delegation examines Turkey’s management of the Syrian humanitarian crisis.

US delegation visits Syrian refugee camp in Turkey

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A US delegation headed by Senator Joseph Donnelly paid an official visit to Kilis, a city in Turkey’s southeastern part, where approximately 14 thousand Syrian refugees reside.

The delegation firstly met Kilis Governor Suleyman Tapsiz in his office.

During the meeting, Indiana (Democrat) Senator said they aimed at having a deeper understanding of the humanitarian crisis in Syria and how Turkey manages the situation.

As Donnelly asked how Turkey meets the needs of the increasing number of refugees, Governor Tapsiz replied that Turkish NGOs, as well as individuals helped the Turkish state in providing goods and services to the camps.

In response to the governor’s call to the international community to share Turkey’s burden, Donnelly said:

“We express our gratitude to you for what you have been doing. The US wants to be your partner. We have such a long history of working to make others- life better. We are proud to work together with you.”

We came to see the reality

The delegation later visited the kindergarten, the social building where the refugees take Turkish language and hand craft courses in the Oncupinar container city nearby the Turkish-Syrian border.

In response to the question of a Syrian woman about when they would be able to return back to their homes, Donnelly said, “That is why we are here. We do not know exactly when, but we will fasten the process.”

Another woman complained that Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against the people, and the delegation replied that they came to see the reality in order to pass the information to Washington DC.

Finally, the delegation held a close meeting with the council members composed of Syrians, elected by the residents of the camp.

The delegation also brought 6 trucks of humanitarian aid and bought some of the handworks of children and women. 

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