We need weapons against planes -FSA commander

Al-Asaad claims opposition forces could solve the problem completely, if they reached the weapons

We need weapons against planes -FSA commander

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Riad Mousa al-Asaad, founder of Free Syrian Army (FSA), said that they needed weapons to use against the planes bombing the children.      

Assessing the incidents in Syria, al-Asaad said that Assad regime lost its legitimacy by killing over 70,000 people in the past two years.      

Syrian people were left alone. The opposition used its right of self-defense due to fierce violence imposed on peaceful demonstrations, said Asaad.      

He recalled that throughout the first six months of incidents, people never used violence, however, more than 5,000 civilians had been killed.      

Noting that there were few countries which supported FSA such as Turkey, Asaad said that other countries either preferred to remain silent or adopted the strategy of supporting Assad regime indirectly.      

For instance, Israel has been supporting Assad regime from the beginning, while Russia, China, Iran and Hezbollah have been actually fighting against us, said Asaad, adding that the regime would be taken down eventually.      

 We need weapons to use against the planes bombing our children, and if FSA reaches the weapons, the problem will completely be solved, he said.      

Asaad is a former colonel in Syrian Air Force who defected in July 2011. Al-Asaad had announced his defection on July 4, 2011, while he established the Free Syrian Army on July 29, 2011.  

Death toll rises to 136

Meanwhile, death toll increased to 136 following the operations staged by Syrian army by artilleries in several cities of the country on Friday.      

Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) stated that among the victims there were 15 children and 12 women.

Syrian Revolution General Commission (SRGC) stated that Islamic Brigade, which had been fighting against Assad regime, held 50 soldiers captive in Damascus, while Free Syrian Army destroyed many military vehicles of Assad regime.      

SRGC added that 28 soldiers of Syrian army joined Free Syrian Army in Hassake city.

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