A Pilgrimage to Mecca in the 21st-Century

In 2015 Luca Locatelli, a documentary photographer, received permission to visit Mecca and Medina. He documented his trip in a virtual reality video for The New York Times.

A Pilgrimage to Mecca in the 21st-Century

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Nestled between small hills, the landscape of Mecca has been transformed immensely in the past fifty years - barely recognisable from the once small hills, the city now is a mesh between ancient history and modernity. To the dismany of many however, those ancient hills, the old stone brick homes and many of the sites that are inextricably linked to the life of the Prophet Muhammad have been obliterated by mega shopping malls, hotels and apartment blocks.

Entry is forbidden to non-Muslims but Luca Locatelli's ceremonial conversion to Islam by way of marriage to an Indonesian Muslim enabled him to gain entry to the sacred cities and document his minor pilgrimage, called the Umrah, for the New York Times. 

To view the virtual reality film, download the NYT VR app on your mobile device from the Google Play store or from Apple iTunes.


source: Luca Locatelli for the New York Times


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