Breakthrough in Alzheimer's research

Scientists have identified 21 genes in human DNA that makes Alzheimer's disease more likely to develop.

Breakthrough in Alzheimer's research

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The findings, published in the journal The Nature Genetics journal has published a new list of 21 genes linked to Alzheimer's disease and Dementia after new findings were made on studying DNA. The British Alzheimer's Research organization said that the findings could "significantly enhance" understanding of the disease.

Accordingto the BBC, a group involving nearly three quarters of the world's Alzheimer's geneticists from 145 academic institutions - looked at the DNA of 17,000 patients and 37,000 healthy people. In total they found 21 genes which made it more likely that a person would develop Alzheimer's disease.

Dr James Pickett, head of research at the Alzheimer's Society, also told the BBC: "This exciting discovery of genes linked with Alzheimer's disease opens up new avenues to explore in the search for treatments for the condition.

"We now need continued global investment into dementia research to understand exactly how these genes affect the disease process."

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