Female abortions alarm demographers in Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan, almost 10% of female births are prevented by abortions.

Female abortions alarm demographers in Azerbaijan

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Demographers in Azerbaijan are becoming increasingly concerned by the abortion of female fetuses, as parents show a preference for boys.

Almost 10% of female births are prevented in Azerbaijan due to abortions, a statistic which is alarming demographers. In 2012 Azerbaijan was recorded as having one of the highest abortion rates in the world, with the average woman having at least two abortions in their lifetime. For everyone 100 girls, 116-120 boys are born.

Programs and courses are being enforced to help lower the ratio. South Korea also suffered from a similar problem in the mid-1990s, but had lowered the ratio to 107 boys per 100 girls by 2007. Both Muslim and Christian leaders are also speaking out against the primitive practice.

Musa Guliyev, the deputy chairman of the Committee on Social Policy, told Al Jazeera that Azerbaijan's parliament plans to discuss a new legislative package on reproductive health this fall to limit abortions after the 12-week period. More education about contraceptives will also be made available.

The UNFPA in a report warned that the abduction, trafficking and sale of women and girls for the purpose of marriage and sexual exploitation are typical consequences in a society that has a lack of women.

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