Jean Claude Van Damme's Muslim diet

In an interview Hollywood actor Jean Claude Van Damme has stated that he favoured Arabic food and that the diet followed by the Prophet Muhammad was one that was best for the human body

Jean Claude Van Damme's Muslim diet

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In an interview with MBC, the Expendables 2 star gave his two cents about elements of a good diet and lifestyle. 

"Steroids, very bad... Vitamins, good."

He continued, "You eat good, you sleep good. If you eat meat and chicken, maybe once a week..."

 But his preferred diet is actually 'Arabic food'.

"Of course Arabic people don't eat horse. But I'm saying even meat, not too much eating meat. Not good. Once a week maybe maximum. And then vegetables, hummus. All good Arabic food. Middle-East. Like in the old times.'

"Look at the Muslims. Bread, almond, apple..."

"Read, and you discover the Muslim are lots of good thing. Very smart Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). He knew what's good for the future, about the body. So look at that. Don't ask me and, believe me, you have everything there."

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