Parliament approves bill limiting sale of 'most harmful drug'

Parliament approved bill limiting sale of alcoholic beverages which were seemed most harmful drug.

Parliament approves bill limiting sale of 'most harmful drug'

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A bill proposed by the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government seeking limitations on the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco and approved by Parliament on Friday has met with both support and criticism.

Although the prime minister said the main aim of the bill, which brings in strict restrictions on the sale of alcoholic beverages and sanctions for those violating the law, is to protect young people from the harmful effects of alcohol, critics say the AK Party is interfering in people's lifestyle choices with the bill.


In 2010, alcohol ranks "most harmful" among a list of 20 drugs, beating out crack and heroin when assessed for its potential harm to the individual imbibing and harm to others, according to study results released by a British medical journal.

A panel of experts from the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs weighed the physical, psychological, and social problems caused by the drugs and determined that alcohol was the most harmful overall, according to an article on the study released by The Lancet.

Using a new scale to evaluate harms to individual users and others, alcohol received a score of 72 on a scale of 1 to 100, the study says. It was compared to 19 other drugs using 16 criteria: nine related to the adverse effects the drug has on an individual and seven on its harm against others.

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