Turkish dailies Wednesday covered the start of the withdrawal of PKK militants, the incidents in Banias and the high conditions neo-Nazi Beate Zschaepe in jail.


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All of the dailies covered the start of withdrawal of PKK militants from Turkey. Daily TARAF headlined "Going, Gone" saying that 1500 PKK members' withdrawal has started on Wednesday. Daily VATAN published "road of no return" adding that the group would start to retreat to north of Iraq through routes far from outposts and the residential areas, which is going to end in autumn. Daily SABAH headlined "Cross-border exit starts today" saying that a terrorist group of 60 in Tunceli province of Turkey started to withdraw on Wednesday.

   - Incidents in Banias -

HURRIYET headlined "Death Corridor" referring to Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu's words regarding the killings in Banias. In an interview, "Assad applies his plan B. He tries to clean off the corridor between Homs and Lebanon in order to establish a Nusayri state" said Davutoglu. HURRIYET also reported Turkish PM Erdogan's criticism of Bashar Assad, saying "The situation (in Banias) is as painful as Karbala, and the killers are as coward as Yazid".

YENI SAFAK headlined "Death siege in Banias", saying that the civilians who wanted to escape could not pass the check points outside the city.

VATAN quoted PM Erdogan as saying "I was about to go crazy when I saw the photos of children martyred".

     - Neo-nazi Trial -

HURRIYET covered neo-Nazi suspect Beate Zschaepe's comfortable conditions during her days in jail, based on the memories of Zschaepe's prisonmate in Munchen Stadelheim jail. Zschaepe is said to have been treated like a "queen".

RADIKAL referred to the prisonmate's words: "She was the star of the jail. Some were afraid of her, while some admired."

MILLIYET, calling Zschaepe "attractive devil" reported that she had received lots of marriage proposals when she was in the prison.

Some dailies covered the escalating tension between Syria and Israel, while some others publishing the details of US Secretary of State John Kerry's Moscow meetings, third round of compensation talks between Israel and Turkey, as well as Turkey's new constitution writing efforts. 

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