Rohingya-Turks relations date back to 1913

Document from Ottoman archive shows Rohingya’s solidarity with Turks during First World War

Rohingya-Turks relations date back to 1913

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Rohingya Muslims had showed solidarity with Turks over a hundred years ago, dating back to the First World War, Deputy Prime Minister Fikri Isik said Friday, citing an archived document.

The document from the Ottoman Archive shows Rohingya’s deep solidarity with the Ottoman Empire.

Isik said the Rohingya had sent a total of 1,391 pounds ($1,833) for the relief of injured, orphans, widows and families of martyrs during the second Balkan War, which broke out among Balkan States to occupy the Ottoman land in 1913.

Ahmed Mawla Dawood, the head of Ottoman Relief Fund based in Myanmar's Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, had sent a letter to the Grand Vizier to congratulate him over the victory.

“I beg to confirm my cable of even date advising dispatch of a remittance by cable today an equivalent of ‎£1,391…,” Dawood said in the letter.

"I take this opportunity of congratulating your Highness and the members of your Cabinet and all my Turkish Co-religionists for the marvelous and magnificent fete of reoccupying Adrianople [today Edirne] and some of the lost territory and thus restoring the Prestige of the Ottoman Empire,” the letter read.

This letter marks Ottoman victory over Bulgarians when Ottomans retook the province of Edirne, northwestern Turkey.  

“I also inform your Highness that the Mussulmans [Muslims] are jubilant over the restoration of lost territory and recent success of their Turkish brethren,” it said.


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