Israeli soldiers stormed Masjid al-Aqsa 47 years ago

After the invasion of Jerusalem, the Israeli administration began an effort to eliminate all signs of Islam. With numerous reasons, they removed mosques and Islamic relics

Israeli soldiers stormed Masjid al-Aqsa 47 years ago

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The Masjid al-Aqsa and the sacred city of Jerusalem had been conquered during the caliphate of Omar. Under Muslim control for almost 400 years, it fell to the Christians during the first crusade.  From 1097 to 1187 Salauddin Eyyubi ended the Christian rule by entering the city. The city was now under Muslim rule and in order by the Ayyubi, Mamluk and finally the Ottoman empire.

Balfour Declaration disrupts population balance

Muslims, Jews and Christians lived harmoniously and peace for hundreds of years in the sacred land of Jerusalem but this came to an end when the Ottoman empire lost the war during the first world war. With the Palestinian front being lost by the Ottomans, the land of Palestine came under British rule on 11 December 1917. The British Foreign Affairs then made a declaratin allowing all Jews to migrate to Palestine. Thousands of Jewish migration led to Palestinian lands being one of major conflict.

The British mandate after WWI led to such a tide in migration to Palestine that the population in 1922 of 83000 Jews increased to 467000. The Jewish population and the control of Palestine led to the birth of a Jewish problem.

Jerusalem-Corpus Separtum (separate body)

This was not just a societal and political issue. At the same time the conflict in the region gave rise to a terror issue. In order to solve the conflicts in Palestine, England, with the objective of playing peacekeeper, requested help from the United Nations.  The United Nations Palestine Commission was set up whereby the Jews and Arabs of Palestine would have a separate partioned territory with a decision made that identified the region as Corpus Separatum (separate body). Fifty five of the most fertile and productive area was allocated to the Jews, and the remaining infertile, barren land and desert was allocated to the Arabs who refused to accept it. Upon this disagreement, on the 14th May 1948 the Jews announced the State of Israel.

Israel's announcement  of independence let to the surrounding Arab countries declaring war on Israel. They were unsuccessful in this war.  After the Suez Crisis of 1956 the war between Arabs, Israel- France and England was also unsuccessful.

After the 6 day war fiasco Israeli soldiers enter Masjid Al-Aqsa

1967 with Egypt at the helm, the regions Arab nations of Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait starting preparations for a huge war with the goal of ending the Israeli occupation and recover Palestinian land. However there was an unexpected defeat. The Arab states during the 6 day war suffered a huge blow. The actual blow was on the third day. From the very beginning of the war, Israel had planned to occupy Jerusalem. Because of the huge success in a short time, the Israel government changed their mind and decided to occupy Jerusalem.  On the 7th June Israeli soliders entered the historic city of Jerusalem. Suburban street brawls defended the invasion somewhat, however in a few hours the Israeli soliders were in front of the Wailing Wall and stormed Masjid al-Aqsa. After the separation of Jerusalem from Ottoman rule in 1917, after fifty years Jerusalem was passed onto Israel After occupying the south of Jerusalem, Israel announced that Jerusalem will forever be the undivided capital city.

Israels effort to wipe out all traces of Islam in Jerusalem

After the invasion of Jerusalem, the Israeli administration began an effort to eliminate all signs of Islam. With numerous reasons, they removed mosques and Islamic relics. Again, under the illegal Israeli occupation, on 21 August 1969 a fanatical Jew by the name of Denis Ruhan attempted to burn down Masjid Al-Aqsa. The resulting fire destroyed relics that were thousands of years old. Along with these, the symbol of Salahauddin Ayyubi's conquest of Jerusalem was the wooden pulpit that was also destroyed.

The UN Security council of 1968 made a resolution that Israel’s attempts to change the status of Jerusalem were “uneccessary” and “ illegal”.  Despite this, Israel continued their attempts to alter the status of Jerusalem and has continued their illegal settlements in Palestine to this day.

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