Gannuchi: The coup d'etat in Egypt is not sustainable

The leader of Nahda Movement said he views the military intervention in Egypt not as an outcome of political Islam but with the political actors standing with the coup d'etat.

Gannuchi: The coup d'etat in Egypt is not sustainable

The leader of Nahda Movement Rashid Gannuchi which has had a primary role both in the process of the revolution and transition period aftermath said he views the military intervention in Egypt not as an outcome of political Islam but with the political actors standing with the coup d'etat.

Gannuchi stated "Despite brutal killings of military people continue to rush to the streets. This coup d'etat has no future. The military administration will end."

Veteran political leader and one of the masterminds of Tunisian revolution, Gannuchi expressed his belief that his country would surmount political crisis Tunisia now faces. Criticizing opposition's stance in negotiations for national dialog, Gannuchi said their aim is to organize next elections by adding that the result should be respected and accepted by every actor.

Here is Gannuchi's answers to TRT TURK's questions:

Mr. Gannuchi let me begin the interview by talking about the recent political developments in Tunisia. There has not been a compromise on the leader of government. What is your perspective about the reason causing this deadlock?

It is normal and expected to have some problems in negotiations which more than 20 political parties have involved in. These parties including Nahda are willing to accomplish the talks. We are putting efforts to create a consensus to overcome the crisis the country come across today.  I am very hopeful the talks will re-launch soon.

Hard to understand opposition

Despite the existence of several other candidates, why Nahda insists on Mesitiri?

This is not true. not only Nahda but almost all parties have agreed that Ahmet Mestiri would be the leader of next government. Mestiri is one of the pioneering political leaders who established an opposition party after the independence. He is the first inviting democracy to Tunisia. He has had many post in previous governments and is known with his democratic position. He also had the first opposition newspaper. For my party he is an appropriate candidate.

Recently, Tunisia has again experienced some terrorist attacks. Who are the actors behind these attacks?

Tunisia is undertaking a transitional process. It takes time to have a political environment with full liberties. Some international terrorist organizations have exploited current situation carried out some attacks. Whenever the country takes some constructive steps towards democracy, we observe that terrorists appear on the stage and commit attacks to sabotage democratic progress.
Assassination against Mohammed el Ibrahimi occurred just before the national parliament complete the process to determine election dates. Due to the assassination the parliament suspended for three years. It is evident that there is a link between the enemies of democracy and terrorist groups.

The problem is not political Islam in Egypt

How do you interpret the role of movements affiliated with political Islam in Arab World especially when considering the re-establishment of pre-revolution conditions in Egypt?

What has happened in Egypt is a complete disaster for democracy. Those who are watching Egyptian streets observe the protests have been organized for three months. Egyptian revolution is under auspices of Egyptian people and they do not want to hand over it. Police is torturing pro-Morsi protestors on the streets but the people has resisted peacefully. This is unprecedented in the world.

Egyptian people are really very strong. It is not the political Islam that creates problems in this country. The problem lies behind the sides standing with the coup d'etat. They are supported by the West and wrongly believed they would obtain full control of the country in a few days. Yet, as they are going on killing people, more protestors take the streets. The situation for the last three months is the same. They are killing people and people are crying against them. This coup d'etat has no future and will end. The future in Egypt and Arab World associate with freedom.

Prospect of Turkish Tunisian relations promising

Let us get your comment on the relations between Turkey and Tunisia? What would you say about the position of Turkey following the latest developments in Arab World and broadly in Islamic world?

In the last 15 years, there have been considerable progress in Turkey's relations with the Arab World. With the end of enmity and the Cold War, strategic ties were formed between the two. Turkey has had a positive role in the countries where Arab Spring occurred by providing assistance to the new regimes in various fields. Re-building of connections after a cut that lasted 100 years on the Arab-Turkish relations is hope giving. We are grateful to Turkey for its support to Tunisian Revolution. Turkish government has provided support not only on media organs but it has also given significant financial backing. 

Mr. Gannuchi do you have any message for Turkish government and Turkish public?

I salute respected Turkish people. We welcome the characters who serve to Islam. Turks led Muslims by holding caliphate for 500 years. It is promising to see the re establishment of relations between Turkey and Arab World after 100 year break.

Ömer Musa Targal- Kuzey News Agency

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