Questions from Geneva II talks

United Nations and Arab League Special Envoy's questions to set axis of negotiations 

Questions from Geneva II talks

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Within the framework of the Syria peace talks being held for the last six days in the Swiss city of Geneva, the United Nations and Arab League Special Envoy to Syria addressed questions to the Syrian regime and the opposition Syrian National Coalition (SNC) in order to "set the axis of negotiations."

Diplomatic sources told Anadolu Agency that Lakhdar Brahimi - the chief UN mediator between the two warring sides - posed the following questions on Syria's transition process and the authority, structure and function of the TGB (the Transitional Governing Body) to be formed.

Brahimi also brought up for discussion the steps to be taken once both sides reach a solution for Syria's political and humanitarian crisis.

Authorities of the transitional government 

The document titled "Transitional Governing Body; Preliminary Issues of Discussion" includes the main questions asked by Brahimi on the decision-making mechanisms of the transitional government, and requests the opinion of the Syrian sides on the option of proposing a special executive board for the maintenance of security, economy and natural resources.

As for the duties and authorities of the transitional governing body, the questions covered issues such as whether the TGB will have legislative power, its authority in case of emergency, what the TGB will be called, who will chair its meetings and set the agenda, and the procedure to follow in case of disputes.

Reconciliation or elections? 

The high point of the document questions the structure and functioning of the TGB. In this context, the key question is whether the figures to run the TGB will be determined by mutual consent or via an election mechanism.

Another highlight is the question of finding a solution so as to put an end to ongoing clashes in the country, and whether the course of the process will be progressive or prompt.

Foreign elements in Syria 

Key questions on foreign elements in Syria and the flow of weapons into the country are as follows:

"How will the foreign elements be pulled back from the country? What can be done to stop the flow of arms into the region? What steps can be taken to deter the terrorist groups from its activities and make them leave the country? How should we cooperate with the opposition forces in the fight against terrorist groups?"

The document lastly touches upon issues such as how to gather weapons once both sides reach a solution, how to avoid any further arming of these groups, how long it will take to integrate those fighting within the armed groups into the community, and what help needs to be offered in this regard. 

More than 100,000 people have been killed and around nine million displaced after three years of Syria's civil war, according to the latest figures from UNHCR.

Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq are hosting over two million people fleeing the fighting.

Set to last until Friday, the Geneva II international peace conference is presently being held in Geneva, Switzerland to try and find a political solution to end almost three years bloody civil war.

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