Turkey part of a new alliance MITKA

Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea and Australia have founded a new business partnership called MITKA.

Turkey part of a new alliance MITKA

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As Turkey takes its place in the new MITKA alliance with Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Australia, it is already being said that a ‘new alliance has been born.’ According to Russian media, these five states have agreed to mutual consultations.

The spokesperson for South Korea’s Foreign Minister has openly declared that two of the meetings of this new alliance have already been planned to take place in Mexico next year, in which the group of five nations are expected to make a united declaration.

The spokesperson also said that developing countries should also be given more of a chance to conduct business activities with the rest of the world, and that is the reason for the union.

The first meeting of MITKA took place between foreign ministers in New York. Turkey’s foreign minister Ahmet Davutoğlu was also present. The Turkish foreign minister announced that Davutoğlu has attended an unofficial meeting with representatives of the four other countries to discuss the possibility of establishing a new business alliance on 25 September in New York.

All five member states are also members of the G20, have democratic constitutions and have open economies. As main actors in their respected regions, all five nations have a similar peacekeeping policy. It is believed that the new group possesses the potential to make the process of local and global solutions easier, enable one another to take on a more influential role in international bodies and realize much needed reforms in them.

The alliances hopes to work more closely with fellow G20 members as well as members of other interational forums, improve mutual ties and identify ways to improve business relationships.

MITKA looks set to fill a void in international relations, and assist in ensuring peace, stability and justice in the world.  


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