16 Turkmen bodies found in mass grave

Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Shiite militias have discovered a mass grave with 16 Turkmen bodies south of Kirkuk, northern Iraq

16 Turkmen bodies found in mass grave

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Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces and Shiite militias have discovered a mass grave with 16 Turkmen bodies south of Kirkuk, northern Iraq, during an operation to retake control of Al-Bashir from ISIL militants.

According to information from security forces in the region, mines on the roads have slowed down the progress of the operation, which was launched three days ago.

Yilmaz Najjar, head of the Badr Brigades, told that they are working to open a new path as the roads are full of mines. 

"A mass grave was found with 16 bodies. The bodies were identified by security forces who found their identity cards. They are Turkmens," Najjar said.

Najjar added that the "operation team is waiting for support...  When it comes we will launch a major offensive operation and take control of Bashir in the next 24 hours."

Peshmerga forces launched an operation on March 12 to liberate the Turkmen village of Al-Bashir. Both militiamen and Peshmerga forces are fighting together against ISIL members.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 15 Mart 2015, 12:46