Barzani urges political parties to agree on constitution

President of Kurdish Regional Government says constitutional and presidential elections necessary.

Barzani urges political parties to agree on constitution

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Massoud Barzani, the President of the Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq, has called on parliament and political parties to agree on a constitution and bring it to a referendum.

After meeting representatives of all political parties in KRG in northern Iraq on Monday, Barzani said: “Two years ago, I said the parliament and political parties need to agree on constitutional and presidential elections.

"I reiterate my call at this moment."

A statement published on the president’s official website said Barzani and party representatives also discussed the fight against ISIL, the political situation in the Kurdish Regional Government and the president’s visit to the U.S.

Barzani said that the parties must address the constitution issue without being influenced by the political propaganda.

“All parties must work for our people and for our country,” he said.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 21 Nisan 2015, 11:04