Iraq still carries traces of war on its 10th year

Over 100,000 civilians were killed during US occupation in Iraq, as official figures showed that occupation cost 800 billion USD for US

Iraq still carries traces of war on its 10th year

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US occupation in Iraq left more than 100,000 dead, millions of orphans and 1.5 million refugees.      

Iraq is still carrying the traces of occupation and war on its 10th year.     

Planes of US-British coalition forces bombed Iraq on March 20, 2003 which started the occupation in the country.      

Over 100,000 people were killed, millions of children were orphaned and nearly 1.5 million people became refugees in Iraq due to the occupation.      

86,000 women were widowed, 4.5 million children lost their father, while more than one million Iraqis are still waiting to return to their country.      

The occupation lasted nearly 8.5 years, and US withdrew its last troops from Iraq on December 15, 2011 by the orders from US President Barack Obama.      

Despite the withdrawal of troops, inner clashes, sectarian tensions, suicide attacks and struggle of power are still continuing in the country.  

Costly occupation

Meanwhile, the occupation in Iraq cost 797 billion USD for the United States.      

The report prepared by private investigator Stuart Bowen, who examined the US expenses spent for reconstruction of Iraq after the war, showed that the cost of the occupation was 797 billion USD. However, according to Market Watch web-site, total cost of the war for the US directly or indirectly was four trillion USD.      

Among the indirect costs, there are expenses of military bases in Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, fees of special security companies protecting US properties in Iraq, and treatment expenses for more than 32,000 injured US soldiers.      

Bowen's report says US spent 60 billion USD for reconstruction of Iraq since 2003.       T

The occupation started on March 20, 2003.

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