Iraqi army called to withdraw from Hawijah

The UN, the Kirkuk governor and political groups called the army to withdraw from the town, as attacks left 6 dead in Mousul and Tikrit.

Iraqi army called to withdraw from Hawijah

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The Tajdid Movement of Iraq's former vice president Tariq al-Hashimi called on the Iraqi army to stand by the protestors following the clashes in the Hawijah town of the Kirkuk province that left 53 people dead.

A written statement by the Movement said the "Iraqi army should withdraw from the places which were not its front. The army's duty was not to kill its citizens and the army should not accept being the tongs of the cruel.”

It said that the incidents in Hawijah were "sect-based genocide" and called on the army to learn lessons from what has been happening in the Arab spring countries.

Meanwhile, Kirkuk Governor Najmiddin Karim called on the Iraqi army to withdraw.

Martin Kobler, the UN Secretary General's special envoy on Iraq, called for the launch of an urgent investigation. Kobler stressed in a press conference held at Kirkuk on Wednesday with Kirkuk Governorship officials that they were closely monitoring the events in Hawijah. UN officials got in touch with government officials but the Iraqi army did not want them to enter Hawijah.

He said the UN stated that protesting was a constitutional right and called on the Iraqi government to keep away from violence.

Regarding the incidents, Shia leader Muqtada Al-Sadr said he was surprised that the Iraqi government returned to violence acts. In a written statement, Sadr said the government should establish a parliamentary commission and an independent government commission to examine the incidents in Hawijah.

A total of 53 people were killed and 114 were injured during the armed clashes when Iraqi security forces intervened in the protests in Hawijah, on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a clash in the province of Mousul in Iraq left 3 people dead on Wednesday. Officials said 3 people attacked a police control center and were killed in the clash. Another attack targeting security forces in Tikrit left 3 troops dead and 16 injured on the same day. 

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