Iraqi forces kill 11 ISIL militants in Kirkuk

ISIL terrorists were intercepted near Riyad town as a result of intelligence obtained 

Iraqi forces kill 11 ISIL militants in Kirkuk

World Bulletin / News Desk

Eleven ISIL militants were killed in an Iraqi security operation in the northern Kirkuk province on Thursday, according to a local police officer. 

The militants were intercepted at a point close to the Riyad town of Kirkuk as a result of some intelligence obtained, Police Capt. Muntazar Al-Saadi said. 

Meanwhile, five Iraqi soldiers were killed in a ISIL ambush at an area close to a military base in eastern Diyala province in Iraq, Captain Habib al-Shamri said.

In the Et-Tarimiyye district in Salahaddin province, six ISIL militants including four foreign nationals were killed by Iraqi  army drones, Army Captain Nezhan al-Hidir announced.

In late February, at least 27 pro-government fighters were killed in a ISIL ambush in southwestern Kirkuk province. 

Last December, officials in Baghdad declared that ISIL’s military presence in Iraq had been all but dismantled. However, it appears that the notorious terrorist group still maintains a network of “sleeper cells” in several parts of the country. 


Güncelleme Tarihi: 15 Mart 2018, 09:34