Iraqi parliament rejects Turkish military mandate in N.Iraq

Iraq has summoned the Turkish ambassador and has demanded withdrawal of its troops

Iraqi parliament rejects Turkish military mandate in N.Iraq

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The Iraqi parliament, in a majority vote, has rejected an extension of the mandate of Turkish troops in Iraq and called for a review of relations with Turkey.

The lawmakers also asked for the government of Iraq to file a complaint against Turkey at the United Nations and the UN Security Council. They want the government to formally describe Turkish troops as an “occupying” force. 

In addition, the parliament demanded the Turkish ambassador be summoned to receive a letter critical of Turkey’s presence in Iraq. 

The Iraqi Parliament summoned Turkey’s Ambassador to Iraq, Faruk Kaymakci, on Tuesday (October 4) to demand the withdrawal of Turkish troops deployed to northern Iraq, insisting those who approved a decision to allow Turkish forces into Iraq be brought to justice.

In Iraq’s northern Nineveh Province, Turkey deployed military advisors to train Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the Sunni Hashd al-Watani militia to fight ISIL in that province last year. Baghdad has been demanding Turkish forces withdraw since last December when Turkey sent additional military forces to protect its base in Bashiqa, near Mosul, from ISIL attacks, without the explicit authorization of the Iraqi government.

On Saturday, the Turkish parliament voted to extend the army’s military mandates in both Iraq and Syria, where Turkish forces are trying to establish a 5,000 square kilometre safe zone along its border. 

source: Rudaw/NRT


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