Kurdish scholar killed in Tuz Khormato

A Kurdish scholar was killed in an armed attack as he was walking in the street.

Kurdish scholar killed in Tuz Khormato

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A Kurdish scholar named Molla Hussein was killed in an armed attack in the Kurdish city of Tuz Khormato in Iraq. Tied to Kirkuk and with the scholars of that area, the assassination of Molla Hussein are allegedly Shiite militants. Hundreds of Kurds gathered in Tuz Khormato and protested the assassination of the scholar and blocked the road to Baghdad Erbil, demanding the killers to be hunted down.


Speaking Rudaw, the Tuz Khormato Deputy Police Chief Colonel Faruk Ahmed Hussein said that Molla Salih Cemal Taha, imam of Molla Wehab Camii mosque was killed after a gun attack.

Colonel Faruk Ahmed Hussin said that Shia militants in an Opel brand car opened fire on the imam as he was walking on a street. The colonel also stated that he knew the imam and that he was someone who kept to himself.

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