Operation begins to free Iraq's Anbar Province

Two areas have so far been liberated from ISIL terrorists with dozens of fighters killed or wounded, said  Karhout. 

Operation begins to free Iraq's Anbar Province

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Iraqi army troops and popular forces have launched an operation to liberate areas under ISIL control in the country’s western Anbar Province, according to a provincial official.

Army troops and tribesmen began their operation in the east of the provincial capital, Ramadi, said head of the Provincial Council Sabah Karhout as quoted by the Iraqi al-Sumaria News website.

Iraqi security forces had already engaged ISIL terrorists during two separate operations north of the recently liberated city of Tikrit, killing a total of 43 the terrorists in the process.

A security source quoted by al-Sumaria satellite TV and speaking on condition of anonymity said the troops, backed by volunteer fighters, carried out an offensive in Hayy al-Qadisiyah region, located more than 140 kilometers (86 miles) northwest of the capital, Baghdad, on Tuesday, and killed 34 ISIL extremists.

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