Peshmerga forces deployed around Kirkuk in Iraq

Peshmerga forces have been deployed around the disputed city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

Peshmerga forces deployed around Kirkuk in Iraq

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The Kurdish Regional Government in northern Iraq has provided an explanation for the deployment of peshmerga forces in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. Iraqi Kurdish Regional

A spokesperson for the Peshmerga Ministry of the Kurdish Regional Government, Halgurt Hikmet, said, “After the meeting we had with Kirkuk Governor Necmettin Kerim, we decided for the deployment of peshmerga forces around Kirkuk in order to prevent terrorists from entering and   to avoid chaos.”

Hikmet told Turkish press that the local Kirkuk police would ensure safety within the city wehere peshmerga forces would not enter.

Delegation from Baghdad to Kirkuk

A delegation from the Iraqi Parliament arrived in Kirkuk to investigate the violence in and around the city.

The delegation, which arrived to delegation the violence which spread from the Hawijah district of Kirkuk claiming the lives of 92 people while injuring many others, included members of the Defense Commission, human rights commission and the security commission.

Turkmen village was targeted

Another attack was carried out against Turkmens in the predominantly Turkmen Tuzhurmatu district in the province of Selahaddin.

The helicopters of the Iraqi central government’s armed forces attacked some houses in the village of Hasadarli with rockets. A home with 6 people in it suffered heavy damage and the six people were wounded.

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