Why Mosul operation is important?!

The importance of the Mosul operation.

Why Mosul operation is important?!

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The long-awaited operation of Mosul, began with the statement of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Ibad. Announcing the start of an operation to liberate Mosul from the ISIL extremists.

The offensive is widely expected to be a defining moment in the battle against the terror group, who made the city their de facto capital in Iraq after seizing it in 2014.

Since then, most of the coalition presence in Iraq has been geared towards training 35,000 Iraqi security forces and 12 Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga brigades to fight the terror organisation.

Turkish-trained forces are also participating in the military operation to recapture Iraq’s northern city of Mosul from ISIL extremist organization, the former Mosul governor said Monday. 

Atheel Nujaifi, who is also the commander of Nineveh Guards, which were trained by Turkey in Bashiqa camp, said some 2,000 Sunni fighters have joined the offensive and they were acting with the Kurdish peshmerga forces. 

Why Mosul is important?

Mosul is Iraq's second largest city and is located on the banks of the Tigris River in the country's northern Nineveh Province.

The city is a vital transportation hub between Syria and Iraq, with large oil fields to the north and a key oil pipeline into Turkey.

It took the so-called ISIL just a matter of days to seize the city in June 2014 after hundreds of Iraqi security forces fled.

They left behind $500m in cash from the Central Bank of Mosul and a large cache of military equipment and supplies - which the terror group used to employ new recruits and arm their allies in Syria.

The seizure of Mosul was a propaganda coup for the terror group, who used it to demonstrate their military strength and as a base to establish a new caliphate.

However, following key losses in Manbij and Ramadi, Mosul is now the last-remaining ISIL stronghold in Iraq.

The location of the city meant it has been easy for the group to send its fighters in and out of Raqqa - their de facto capital in Syria.

It is hoped victory will cut off that supply and all but end the group as a force in Iraq.








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