Ancient mosque reopens to worship in Istanbul

Ruins of Piri Mehmet Pasha mosque were discovered while Byzantine cisterns were being restored in 2007.

Ancient mosque reopens to worship in Istanbul

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A 470-year mosque of Piri Mehmet Pasha discovered on Byzantine cisterns in Istanbul was opened on Friday to worship with recitation of Quran and Janissary band show.

"We're right now witnessing the history. Thanks to this mosque, people in Istanbul will now perform their prayers along with a great view," Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir said at the opening of the mosque.

During the restoration of the Zeyrek cisterns, the ruins of the Piri Mehmet Pasha mosque were discovered in 2007. The project works lasted for 5 years because of legal procedures. After 5 years, the historical mosque in Zeyrek, in the Fatih district of Istanbul, was was rebuilt and finished in 2012. It was opened to worship after one year.

Zeyrek, which is on the World Heritage list, hosts historical monuments like the Molla Zeyrek Mosque, represents the most typical example of architecture of the Byzantine period.

During his speech, the Fatih mayor also underlined the importance of ancient monuments for cities saying, "They are valuable for cities. The things that make cities meaningful are monuments. If they are not protected, cities will be senseless."

"The only feature that makes Istanbul different from other world cities, is its hosting of the most beautiful monuments belonging to different civilizations from a period of 2,700 years," the mayor added.

After the opening ceremony, the first Friday prayer was performed in the mosque, and ashura, a traditional dessert, was distributed to people.

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