Ashura meal brings four religions together in Sarajevo

Muslims celebrating the sacred occasion of Ashura distributed 3,000 meals in front of a Sarajevo Cathedral in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Ashura meal brings four religions together in Sarajevo

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On the occasion of Ashura day, or Noah's meal day, Inter-religious Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hikmet Publishing in Sarajevo on Tuesday organized the event in which they shared 3,000 portions of Noah's meal.

Under the slogan "We are all on the same boat", members of these two associations shared this traditional meal to passers in front of the Cathedral in Sarajevo.

They offered 3,000 portions. In next few days they will continue sharing 6,000 portions in other cities in the country.

This activity aims to send a message of peace, humanity, dialogue, tolerance, understanding, solidarity, love and brotherhood between members of different religions and multicultural society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Muris Hadzibascausevic, representative of Islamic society in Bosnia and Herzegovina on today's event said that this manifestation in Bosnia is traditional, with the presence of representatives of all religions in Bosnian society.

"In Islam we say this is a day of the prophets, not only one prophet, in Islam we believe in all prophets of God. In a way, Sarajevo succeeded to gather all of us", said Hadzibascausevic adding that "Sarajevo is world's Jerusalem".

"This is what brings together four traditional churches and religions in Bosnia and Herzegovina", said a priest of the" Old Orthodox Church in Sarajevo Vanja Jovanovic.

Traditionally, Ashura meal is related to the story of prophet Noah. It is believed that it was prepared and served when his ark sailed to the land after the great flood. Food supplies were depleted and passengers prepared the meal using the remaining food and shared it.

In Bosnia, traditionally, Ashura can be prepared out of 77 ingredients and it is shared with neighbors and relatives.

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