BBC program to reveal discrimination against Muslims

A BBC documentary scheduled to be broadcast on BBC1 tonight is set to reveal blatant cases of discrimination against British Muslims.

BBC program to reveal discrimination against Muslims

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A documentary filmed by the BBC is set to uncover cases of discrimination against British Muslims after the BBC conducted an investigation.

The documentary will feature two undercover reporters who investigate the reasons why young Muslim men in the UK are twice as likely to be unemployed than non-Muslims. While one poses as a non-Muslim seeking employment and accomodation, the other poses as a Muslim in order to compare the reaction of employers and householders. 

The investigation is set to show how Muslims employing for jobs in the city of Bristol are told that there are no vacancies, while non-Muslims are immediately given application form. Also, it will show a case in which a Muslim is denied the right to rent an apartment in favor of a non-Muslim applicant.

Both undercover reporters from the Inside Out West program were of similar age, background, ethnicity and presented equivalent CVs, with the only difference being faith.

In one case, the reporter posing as a Muslim is told to leave a CV when applying to work in a cafe, while the non-Muslim is immediately offered a trial. Later the cafe manager is told telling the non-Muslim: “See that guy in the hat. Do not tell him I’ve given you a trial shift on Saturday. If you bump into him in the street and he wants to talk to you do not tell him because he’s just given me his CV and I told him that I won’t be making a decision until next week. So don’t tell him.”

Overall, both applied to 40 positions. While the Muslim was only given 3 interviews, the non-Muslim was given 13 interviews and a job offer.

The full report can be seen on Inside Out West on BBC One, Monday 28 October at 7.30pm GMT.

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And?Is anyone surprised?This country doesn't have the anti-discrimination laws America does. So what do we expect?People In America hate Muslims a lot more than people here do, but Muslims in America have the lowest unemployment and are the richest community.Why?Because people in America legally can Not discriminate.When they do they are sued.So it isn't worth it.So they don't.And Muslims there do very well.Most people here have nothing against Muslims in the way they do in America.But employers here have nothing or very little to lose by discriminating. So they do.And Muslims are the poorest people here.