Biggest Islamic school in Australia faces closure

The Malek Fahd Islamic School in New South Wales, Australia - the biggest Islamic school in the country - faces closure after inspectors said it should not be registered in 2014.

Biggest Islamic school in Australia faces closure

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The Malek Fahd Islamic School in New South Wales, Australia, is about to be closed down after inspectors said its registration not be renewed in 2014.

Adrian Piccoli, the New South Wales Education Minister, told ABC News that he was "gravely concerned" about the attendance, curriculum, educational quality, and safety standards of the school.

The New South Wales Board of Studies will meet on 10 December to discuss the school’s future. More than 2,500 students may have to look for a new school if the school is denied registration.

The head teacher, Dr. Ray Barrett, who was brought in because of his good record of turning around troubled schools, is the fourth head at the school in two years.

He said "we have made the necessary improvements that were required by the Board of Studies on behalf of the Minister," before adding "we're not an underperforming school by any means. The enrolment lists keep growing."

Malek Fahd Parents and Friends Association secretary Hannah Masri said that despite concerns over the school’s financial and administrative situation, most parents were happy with the academic background, education and staff at the school, and felt that the school was being picked off as a ‘soft target.’

Dr. Barrett also felt that the school was being treated unfairly by the government, which has demanded that the school pays back $9 million in grants after accusing the non-profit school of channeling grants to a third party. However, a federal government audit found that the school had not breached any conditions.

The school is currently being investigated for the mismanagement of funds, and should it be taken off the Board register, it would lose access to state grants which covers 75% of the school’s financing.

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UNCOMMON Sense - 6 yıl Before

Five Islamic schools under investigation in Aust currently. Not for the first time - in 2007 Muslim Ladies College closed also with money gone elsewhere. Muslim school issues in UK, Canada & other western countries. A pattern?

concerned parent
concerned parent - 6 yıl Before

Why should 2500 innocent students suffer the consequences of adult misconduct... there has to be another way of dealing with whatever issues through agreement and change for a better future. Closing the school down is unfair for all the parents and students who have nothing to do with all the politics behind the curtains. Give these children a chance to live with peace of mind.

Olufemi Adeyemi
Olufemi Adeyemi - 6 yıl Before

If only Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Islamic States would give Christian just 10% of the level of freedom of association, movement, religion/faith, etc as the Arabs/Muslims enoy in UK, Canada and other Western countries, the world would be a more peaceful place to live. No single church in Saudi Arabia and no Christina school in Saudi Arabai.