British Muslim MP compares veil ban to mini-skirts

Sayeeda Warsi, a British Muslim member of parliament, has criticized calls to ban the face veil by comparing them to similar calls to ban miniskirts in the 60s.

British Muslim MP compares veil ban to mini-skirts

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Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, a prominent British Muslim politician, compared banning Muslim women from wearing the veil to attempts to ban miniskirts in the 1960s.

She told The Mirror, "We don't go around telling people what jewellery they should wear or how they should wear their hair or what garments they should or should not wear. Women won the right on what to wear many, many decades ago. There was a time when men would tell us that our skirts were too short in the 60s … I hope that we are not going to move on, 50 years on and suddenly men are going to start telling us that our veils are too long."

However, she also said that Muslim women who wear the veil must accept that there are some situations in which it is not appropriate.

"Some of this is about society saying we are going to have this tolerant approach but some of it is about individuals taking a common-sense approach. You know if I was a vegetarian I just wouldn't apply to work in an abattoir and then I wouldn't arrive there saying 'I'm really sorry I'm not going to deal with meat', this is about individual decisions as well."

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