British Muslims solve local bloodfued

Muslims in Burton, UK, have been called in by police to help them end a fued between two families.

British Muslims solve local bloodfued

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The Muslim community of Burton, UK, has been praised by the local police for helping them end a blood fued between two rival families.

Last month, a man was left with serious injuries after a hit and run incident, resulting in two men being charged with attempted murder.

The Imam and worshippers from Princess Street mosque later intervened to calm the situation down. Since they got involved, the police have received no complaints.

Inspector Neeson told the Burton Mail: “There have been some really positive responses from members of the public. There has been no further incidents of any note since the first meeting in October, and it is thanks to some real positive feedback from the mosque and other people…with the help of the community and the members of these families, we hope to negate further issues.”

The local Imam, who said that the local Muslim community was fed up with the rivalry that had been going on for as long as a decade, has been leading the efforts to make peace since October.

Another inspector described the work as ‘critical’ in bringing peace to the town.

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Habard Celine
Habard Celine - 5 yıl Before

I read this with a sense of dark amusement, as I was quite taken aback that the police were thanking co-religionists of the same barbaric emigres who were engaged in the fued for having helped end it. What if there had been no feeud to begin with? That is, why would a civilized society invite into its midst a backward, tribal, xenophobic people who will insulate themselves from the rest of society