CDs preach hate against Rohingya Muslims

A panel of activists in Washington gathered to give their eye-witness accounts of the systematic targeting og Muslims in Arakan while expressing their disgust at the government for ignoring the violence.

CDs preach hate against Rohingya Muslims

World Bulletin / News Desk

Speakers gathered in Washington to promote awareness about the systematic targeting of Rohingya Muslims in Arakan, Myanmar.

The panel of international non-governmental organizations included human rights activist Dr. Holly Atkinson, the head of the Organization of Rohingya Muslims in the UK Maugn Tun Khin, and photographer Greg Constantine.

Dr. Atkinson shared her eye-witness account of human rights abuses in March 2012, saying entire Muslim villages had been burned down, mosques demolished and businesses destroyed. She mentioned that even children were not spared in the violence while many Burmese people applauded the killings. She accused the Myanmar government of allowing the violence to continue and not allowing aid to reach the Rohingya Muslims.

Khin added that CDs preaching hate against the Rohingya Muslims were being distributed with the support of many Burmese businessmen and politicians. The CD accuses the Rohingya Muslims of wanting to establish and Islamic state and build mosques everywhere to stir tensions.

Constantine noted that journalists have not been allowed access to the Rohingya Muslims since the summer. He said that he had not seen any efforts by the government to stop the violence that has been increasing over a period of many years, adding that the Buddhist regime does not give Muslims any rights to political representation.

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