Death threats force Muslim councillor to flee Italy

Aicha Mesrar fled her post and her home in northern Italy after two years of death threats.

Death threats force Muslim councillor to flee Italy

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An Muslim councillor for the Democratic Party has fled Italy after receiving threats and xenophobic messages, citing concerns for the safety of her children.

Aicha Mesrar, who is of Moroccan origin, complained of threats that have been sent to her over a two-year period, forcing her to leave her home in Rovereto, Trentino.

According to the ANSA news agency, Mesrar handed in her notice to the city council after four years of service before fleeing her home of 23 years.

“I can’t always live under escort,” Mesrar, 45, was quoted as saying by The Local. “I’m not scared for me but for my children. But I leave with pride, satisfied with what I have done and what I have received."

Trento council president Bruno Dorigatti expressed his “total solidarity” with Mesrar and regret over her departure, who he called an“outstanding example of civic commitment.”

Local newspaper La Voce del Trentino quoted Dorigatti saying: “If a female resident [who has lived] in the province for 23 years must give in to intimidation and anonymous threats, and who has been a point of reference for the Islamic community and appointed by the mayor to work on the promotion of an open city, capable of reconciling languages, cultures and different religious faiths, it means that Trentino has not yet defeated all the dangerous germs of intolerance.”

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