English far-right protests against Muslim Brotherhood

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's UK headquarters is currently based in a cramped flat in Cricklewood Broadway.

English far-right protests against Muslim Brotherhood

World Bulletin / News Desk

Cricklewood, North West London, found itself at the centre of a weird three way political battle on Saturday.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood – the Islamist political party which ruled the country until last July's coup – is currently headquartered in a cramped flat in Cricklewood Broadway.

Having been listed as a terrorist organisation and with its leader Mohamed Morsi in prison, the Egyptian party is still on run.

As if it didn't have enough problems, it now has an enemy in English far-right, one of them being The South East Alliance (SEA) – basically some former EDL members led by a man best known for harassing anti-racist campaigners.

They organised a march on the weekend to demand that the Brotherhood should be labelled as terrorist by the UK government as well.

Among the people who were protesting there was a man wearing the Golden Dawn flag– a Greek political party whose supporters sung the Nazi Horst Wessel song in Athens just this month.

During the protests the far-right group was confronted by another group of anti-racists. The far-right group tried passing through by pushing against the police line but were unsuccessful due to their small numbers.

Many pedestrians that were unaffiliated with the protest were left in curiosity trying to figure out if the protest really had anything to do with the Muslim Brotherhood. 

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