Florida parents tell children to tear out chapter on Islam

Parents in Florida, USA, have told school children to tear out a chapter in a history book about Islam.

Florida parents tell children to tear out chapter on Islam

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Parents of school children in Volusia County, Florida, gathered outside the school district headquarters to protest against a text book that contained a disproportionately large section about Islam compared to Christianity and Judaism, which is only mentioned in a few small paragraphs.

They even encouraged school children to tear out the chapter about Islam from the Prentice Hall World History book.

In a statement from the Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization CAIR, executive director Hassan Shibly said, “This group is holding a protest and rally to oppose the teaching of the historical and basic pillars of Islam to students in Volusia County.”

“It is displaying an alarming level of intolerance and brazen disregard of minority religions… We find their actions un-American and against every core principal that makes this country so great,” he told reporters.

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Sabina Khan
Sabina Khan - 6 yıl Before

The reason so many fear Muslims is simply because they don't understand the basic principles of Islam. I have found is that teaching children about other religions not only enhances their world view but helps them to understand their classmates.

Todd - 6 yıl Before

I believe there would not have been a reaction at all if there were chapters devoted to Christianity and Judiasm with a few paragraphs regarding Islam. That would be more representative of the history of this country. You can not deny the beliefs of the majority of this country. You also can not rewrite history to what you think it should have been, that is why there is such outrage in my opinion.

arsalan - 6 yıl Before

America likes to pride itself. "We are the greatest nation of the world because we didn't do what Nazis did".But the fact is most nations didn't do what Nazis did. And America is one of the few nations that did do what Nazis did.They did do to the red man what the nazis did to the Jews. And these guys tear out parts of books, like that Nazis did.What is the difference?