Huge queues formed in front of the Tokyo's mosque

The Tokyo Mosque, also known as the 'Turkish Mosque', played an important role in promoting Islam in large quantities in Japan

Huge queues formed in front of the Tokyo's mosque

Enes Elamri / World Bulletin

The Tokyo Mosque & Turkish Cultural Center is the largest mosque in Japan, located near Yoyogi-uehara station, Shibuya ward. It is known as the most beautiful mosque in all of Asia.

The Tokyo Mosque was built by Tatar Turks who came to Japan after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1900.

The Tokyo Mosque attracts Muslims as well as local and foreign tourists. Long and huge queues are formed outside the mosque entrance.

The first things that will catch your eye from the façade of the building are the beautifully-designed doors, which feature intricate geometrical designs characteristic to Islamic architecture.

Apart from water, concrete, and steel, all the building materials and furnishings used in the mosque were brought from Turkey. Around a hundred Turkish artisans worked for a year to build the second-story mosque itself and the cultural center downstairs. The building itself is a work of art.



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