LA billboard ad to stay despite offending Muslims

A billboard ad in Los Angeles has upset many Muslims and non-Muslims alike for featuring a U.S. soldier and a Muslim woman embracing.

LA billboard ad to stay despite offending Muslims

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A sleep aid company has attracted criticism for a billboard advert erected around the U.S. city of Los Angeles featuring a US soldier and a burqa-wearing Muslim woman intimately embracing each other.

Snore Stop creatd the ad to sell their range of anti-snoring oral and nasal sprays with a hashtag saying "#betogether." Both Muslims and non-Muslims have complained about the ad, but Snore Stop has said that it did not intend to offend anyone. However, it has refused to remove the ad.

"Snore Stop is a product for couples, and we want to show couples that you normally don't see in advertising," spokeswoman Melody Devemark told CBS Los Angeles. "People feel that we are trying to misuse the image of military servicemen. I think they don't understand that there are couples like this that do exist. It's just that you're not used to seeing them."

Many have interpreted the ad as being provocative, while others in contrast argue it is a symbol of tolerance. Considering that the U.S. military occupation and operations in Muslim lands have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, the image of a Muslim woman embracing a US soldier in such a way may be upsetting for the Muslim community in LA.

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