Lawyer to challenge France's burka ban

French lawyer Philippe Bataille is trying to get Frances burka ban ruled as unconstitutional.

Lawyer to challenge France's burka ban

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Philippe Bataille, the lawyer of Cassandra Belin, a Frenchwoman who was arrested for wearing the outlawed burka, is attempting to get the ban ruled as unconstitutional.

Burkas have been at the heart a debate over France’s secular values for three years after the ban was approved by the Constitutional Court in 2010. However, Philippe Bataille has said that the law targets Muslims.

"It’s unfair and unacceptable. How does a woman walking on the street completely veiled poses a threat to public order?" Bataille told RFI.

Following Belin’s arrest in July during the holy month of Ramadan, immigrant riots raged across the Paris suburb of Trappes. Her husband was also slapped with a three-month suspended sentences after an altercation with a police office.

Belin’s trial began in Versailles on Wednesday, with a verdict due on January 8.

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