Malmö mosque offers help to homeless

Sweden's Malmö Mosque, which is affiliated to the Presidency of Religious Affairs, provided food and clothing to the homeless.

Malmö mosque offers help to homeless

Organized by the Association of Islamic Culture, the mosque offered help to the homeless by providing hot soup, tea and clothes as the air temperatures had fallen in Malmo.

The mosque serves food with good portions and no one is left out. Out on the street, you are made to feel alone and invisible, but here they talk to you and want to get to know you, not because you are homeless but because you are a human being with feelings and emotions, said Eva.

They also provide a number of services such as counseling on issues that surround homelessness, providing information on local services in which homeless people can have easy access and employing volunteers who provide company to the homeless.

It is open for all, regardless of their religion, background and gender, and it is not only about feeding people, it is about socializing, bringing people together and trying to help them in other issues such as housing and unemployment and so on. So it is not just about feeding the homeless; it is more than that: It is for Muslims and non-Muslims, as well.