Mawlid celebrated in Muslim world tonight

The Mawlid is a celebrated event in the Muslim world, honouring the Prophet Muhammad which this year marks the 1444 year of his birth.

Mawlid  celebrated in Muslim world tonight

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The Mawlid Kandil will be celebrated tonight which is a celebrated event in the Muslim world, to honour the birth and arrival to the Prophet Muhammad, which this year is 1444 year of his birth.

Explaining the relevance of the night, the Relgious Affairs Minister, Mehmet Gormez, said, “His revelation light, spiritual peace is in need of all humanity, our nation, the hearts geography and peace for the population, he was instrumental in the salvation of mankind”.

He continued saying that, “The Prophet Muhammads actions were based on justice and compassion, and when he lived with this companions also took into consideration with the future muslims. His words introduced the essence of man, were conciled with himself and nature and principles that reminded one of God – in factors of life he displayed, mercy, consicence, forgiveness, patience, tolerance and compassion”.

“He was an example of manners and his life was an example, not only of dress but also of how to live and how to treat others in the face of wrong and how to rectify that was wrong but dealing with wisdom. He was an example of a father, a partner, a leader, a teacher and a director”. Gormez also explained how as a Prophet everything regardless of ethnicity, language, colour, age, sex and social status was irrelevant and that being the caretakers of the world outweighed these factors.

These feelings and thoughts come together and are all celebrated in the Muslim world, and by honouring the Prophet Muhammad, according to Gormez, “are there to carry on his duty by emulating the Prophet Muhammad in every aspect of their life”.







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