Muslim scholars call for unity in Islamic world

Islamic clerics from 25 counties gather in Istanbul for the 26th time to find a solution to existing problems of the Islamic world.

Muslim scholars call for unity in Islamic world

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Muslim scholars from 25 countries called on Muslims to be in unity, asking for help from all scholars in the world to make peace among Muslims, in a written statement released after gathering in Istanbul on Thursday.

The statement started with the recitation of the tenth verse from the 49th capter of the Quran, which says "The Muslims are brothers to each other, therefore make peace between your two brothers and fear Allah, so that you may gain mercy."

In the statement, scholars condemned all efforts to divide the Muslims and demanded that all the scholars keep their eyes open against these efforts all over the Muslim world.

The written statement underlined the need for Palestine to be handed to the Muslim community and stresses that all the people should stand against TV channels that discriminate against Muslims.

It also mentioned the Syrian crisis saying, "The Syrian crisis must be resolved in the direction of Syrian people's independent will and without interference of external forces."

The statement tells, "It is necessary to exert efforts for Muslims, who are oppressed, to get their legitimate rights." During the gathering, Muslim scholars agreed to set up a commission to follow the developments in the Islamic world.

Muslim clerics from 25 counties, who gathered in Istanbul on Thursday for 26th time, had earlier met in the Iranian capital of Tehran.

Turkish Minister of EU Affairs meets with faith group leaders

Turkey's Minister of EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis made a statement to different faith groups on Thursday saying “Do not forget, your problems are our problems. We live in this country together.”

Bagis met with faith group leaders and foundation executives in a restaurant in Istanbul on Thursday.

Making a statement that doors to dialogue should remain open, Bagis said “so far great changes have been provided not only for different faith groups but also for the Islamic community in Turkey.”

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