Muslims feeding the poor in Dallas, Texas

A group of Muslims have set about feeding the impoverished communities in the city of Dallas, Texas, USA.

Muslims feeding the poor in Dallas, Texas

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A leading mosque in Dallas, Texas, USA, has been feeding the poor and needy people of the city for months, granting the local community of both Muslims and non-Muslims alike 15,000 free meals on a weekly basis.

Muhammad Abdul-Jami, the treasurer of the Islam Mosque told the Christian Science Monitor, “it was borne out of a need because our area is poverty stricken; there are homeless shelters in the area, there are people sleeping under bridges, and so on.”  

Statistics published by the Anti-Poverty Coalition of Greater Dallas, show that 23% of people living in Dallas earn incomes below the federal poverty line.

A special event organized with the help of Islamic Relief USA called the “Day of Dignity” was introduced nationwide ten years ago and serves 15 cities nationwide.

“We want to encourage volunteerism, to get people to be active and do something to help their fellow human beings,” Abdul-Jami said, adding “there are millions of Muslims in this country who are very regular people, people who [other] Americans might consider much like them”.

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Stephanie - 6 yıl Before

Dear brothers and sisters and especially sisters who are able to stay at home (having more time) who likes to cook easy dishes like simple salty/sweet snack pastry or whatever is easy to make,get motivated to ask your city's help/aid organisations if you and fellow muslims are able to bring food to help feeding the needed and orphans no matter what status and religion they are. Why? 1)InshAllah rewarded from the Almighty 2) Showing especially the West and Europe what a muslim is really is, without us, they will only believe in the bad media about muslims!3) This might be your Dawah indirectly to them!And whats the best of it? Many food ingredients are just 1 Dollar or under! (Wheat, milk etc) so cheap for big rewards!! And asking a family member or friend to help you make the food or bring it there will inshAllah get you rewarded for calling fellow family and friends to do good!!! Yipiii! Do it! May the righteous get a ticket to Paradise. Ameen