Muslims rally for historic Macedonian mosque

Macedonian Muslims and non-governmental organizations rally against plans to build a hotel and military housing at the site of the historic Burmali Mosque after site is sold to a Greek company.

Muslims rally for historic Macedonian mosque

World Bulletin/ News Desk

Hundreds of people from 80 non-governmental organizations seeking the reconstruction of the Burmali Mosque have gathered in the square.

They request that the land be returned as property of the Association of Macedonian Muslims.

As of late, the site has been sold to a Greek company so that they can construct a hotel and rebuild the former officer’s club.

Non-Governmental Organizations expect the government to take steps in the direction of resolving the issues regarding this site.

The Burmali Mosque had been build in 1495 during the Ottoman era, and had stood at the site for 430 years.

It had been located on the right bank of the Vardar River next to the Stone Bridge in Skopje.

The Serbs demolished the mosque in 1925 to build a military officer’s club on the site.

The officer’s club was damaged and destroyed in the 1963 earthquake. The site has remained vacant since.

Macedonian Muslims had rallied in 2010 after the Macedonian Orthodox Church announced intentions to build a church on the same square.

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