Pig trotters left in Sweden mosque attack

Sweden's only mosque that issues the 'athaan' (call to prayer) has been vandalized in an attack on Monday.

Pig trotters left in Sweden mosque attack

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A mosque in Sweden’s Fittja was vandalized on Monday, November 18, after attackers broke windows and left pig body parts in the mosque.

Sweden, which like much of Scandinavia, is traditionally known to be a very tolerant country, is seeing a gradual increase in Islamophobic incidents. In August, a pregnant Muslim woman was hospitalized after being attacked because of her headscarf. This led to a mass headscarf campaign, where Muslims and non-Muslims alike donned the headscarf in support of women’s rights to dress as they please.

Due to Muslims’ aversion to pork, the leaving of pig trotters in the mosque has been deemed a hate crime.

The mosque, which was built in 2007, is the only mosque in Sweden that issues the call to prayer on Fridays and attracts up to 1,500 worshippers. Muslim residents in the area won the right to issue the call to prayer from the minaret last April.

Almost 500,000 Muslims live in Sweden, making up around 5% of Sweden’s overall population.

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A. Khan
A. Khan - 5 yıl Before

To the members of the congregation, just for a moment thinkin your heart what would the Holy Prophet (PBUH) have done on such an occasion. Just keep your cool and exercise patience. The satan will provoke you to demonstrate and shout out loud but just reject his offer.

mabel - 5 yıl Before

I don't see why they need mosques they can pray anywhere and look who there praying to its a joke.

adine - 5 yıl Before

be patient for something unhappiness.. Allah be with u.. muslims or not muslims should respect each other.. because all people have right to worship to their God..