Russia collects DNA of Muslim women in Dagestan

Russia is reportedly collecting the DNA of Muslim women from Dagestan ahead of the Sochi Winter Olypmics.

Russia collects DNA of Muslim women in Dagestan

World Bulletin / News Desk

Russian authorities have reportedly been taking saliva samples from Muslim women in Dagestan.

On Thursday, a Reuters report claimed that eight Dagestani women contacted them saying that the Russian government had requested that they provide saliva samples.

It is believed that the samples will be used to identify DNA should an incident similar to that of Volgograd last week repeat itself at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

A female suicide bomber from Dagestan killed herself and 6 other passengers on a bus in the city of Volgogrand when her device exploded. Since then, Muslim women from the Caucuses have been viewed with suspicion by the Russian public, having been labeled as ‘black widows’ by the Russian media. According to Al-Jazeera, about 49 female suicide bombers have carried out such attacks in Russia in the past 13 years.

The DNA tests will be used to reveal the identity of the women should they target the Sochi games in such an attack.

A mass anti-Muslim campaign has been launched by the Russian media lately, as many Russians took to the streets of Moscow during the Islamic Eid celebrations to protest against migrants to the city from predominantly Muslim regions of the country.

A far-right Russian politician also called for the Muslim states in the Caucuses to be quarantined and subjected to forced birth control measures. 

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