Spain may offer citizenship to Muslim converts to Christianity

A report has claimed that Spain is preparing to offer citizenship to Muslims who become Christian, which if proved true, would mark a medieval tactic used in the Spanish inquisition.

Spain may offer citizenship to Muslim converts to Christianity

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The website of OnIslam has claimed that Spain is planning to grant citizenship to Muslims who accept Christianity, marking a comeback of a tactic used during the Spanish inquisitions.

Spanish website ETC Noticias apparantly quoted the president of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (SEC) and Minister of Justice Alberto Ruiz Gallardón saying “Spain would not be Spain without Christianity and without Catholicism,” last week.

“Since the foundation of the country by the Catholic Monarchs that led the Generalissimo to govern Spain by the grace of God, our country has been the spiritual reserve of the West.

“And so it will, with God's help," he added.

According to ETC, the conversion must be authorized by representative of the Catholic Church and take place in the temples of this confession. Converts must also pay a fee of €60, of which €5 will be for the Spanish State and the remaining €55 for the Church.

The Spanish Episcopal Conference (SEC) is an administrative institution composing of bishops from all over Spain.

Muslims make up 3% of the Spanish population, with 1.4 million citizens and residents. However, the number of Muslims living unregistered in Spain is increasing, as the sea route between Morocco and Spain is becoming a common entry point for refugees trying to enter Europe illegally as they flee from conflicts in Africa and the Middle-East.

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Ila - 7 yıl Before

This (helping misguided people to return to humanity) is a good idea. Western nations are finally seeing sense.

Rob - 7 yıl Before

Then he should be declared insane or 'personal non grata' (undesirable alien) and kicked out of Spain.

abu sabaya
abu sabaya - 7 yıl Before

for those Spaniard who convert to islam the solution is deport them and strip their citicenship

vi - 7 yıl Before

i totally agree with this provvediment you muslims don't know how to respect others you kill everybody this is what you get ... and i agree to deport all converted to islam not reverted islam is an ugly ideology not a condition by which we 're born sorry for my english it's not my mother language ... muslim this is only the beginning you should read the profecies of san francesco da paola ...

Ali - 7 yıl Before

What would happen to a current citizen of Spain of non-Muslim leanings who chooses to revert to Islam?

ahmed - 7 yıl Before

What about Christians or other non-Muslims who chooses to revert to Islam? Why shouldn't they be given citizenship?

osman - 7 yıl Before

i do not need your citizenship even tho u make me the king of spain,,

Umar Abdullah
Umar Abdullah - 7 yıl Before

May Allah the Almighty protect the Muslims. Some one on top writes Muslims want to kill everybody. Dear brother, do you know Muslims make up 1/5 or 1/4 of the world? If we really did the world wouldn't be as it is... The amount of Muslims who want to kill innocent humans in name of God may be 0.0001% of Muslims but the media portrays it as if they are the represent Islam!