Tunisians demand minister apologizes for 'sexual jihad' remark

Tunisians have lined up to criticize the Interior Minister after he insisted that Tunisian women were going to Syria to offer themselves to rebel fighters.

Tunisians demand minister apologizes for 'sexual jihad' remark

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The Tunisian Minister for women dismisses media reports allleging that Tunisian women have been travelling to Syria to offer sexual favors to jihadist fighters as a sign of their devotion to the cause.

“There is no official information or reports about any case of what is known as 'sexual Jihad'”, said Tunisian minister of Women and Family Affairs Siham Badi in a press conference on Tuesday.

Tunisian Interior Minister, Lotfi Ben Jeddou sparked uproar last month when he alleged that Tunisian women were traveling to Syria, having sex with militants and returning pregnant to Tunisia.

After his comments, many Tunisians launched a campaign demanding Jeddou formally apologize to Tunisian women.

Despite asking for clarification from Jeddou about the existence of Tunisian women who travelled to Syria for so-called "sexual jihad”, Badi said her ministry did not receive any official response from the Ministry of Interior.

Human rights activists and the Ministry of Women have been unable to find any Tunisian women who went to Syria for this purpose.

Pro Assad media were the first to make this accusation as part of a Syrian PR campaign to spread stories discrediting the opposition.

Over last few months, international and domestic Tunisian media have have run stories of alleged “sex jihad” taking place in parts of Syria controlled by the rebels.

Tunisia researcher for Human Rights Watch Amna Guellali says, "all I have is very sparse, very little information, all the allegations are so broad that didn't really have all the features of a serious reporting about the case."

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