Turkish MP calls for Islamic peacekeeping force

Turkish MP and OIC representative Orhan Atalay has called on the Muslim world to form an 'Army of Islam'.

Turkish MP calls for Islamic peacekeeping force

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Orhan Atalay, the new Turkish department head of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Member States, has called on Muslim countries to form a Islamic military union.

Speaking to Turkey’s Yeni Akit in his first interview since taking over the organization since the former head Emrullah Isler became the Turkish government’s new deputy prime minister, Orhan Atalay, who is also a ruling AK Party MP for the Turkish city of Ardahan, called on Muslim countries to establish an Islamic peacekeeping force in order to bring an end to conflicts such as the one in Syria.

At the same time, Atalay slammed the dictatorships of Muslim countries, saying that these dictators were assigned by Western imperialist powers over states that had their borders drawn out by the West, and therefore do not deserve to be called ‘Islamic’.

He also added that Western imperialists did not withdraw from these states without sowing the seeds of conflict, claiming that they had no intention of bringing democracy to these states, and instead supported anti-democratic regimes.

‘The game that is being played on Muslim countries seems to have no end,’ he said, ‘because we call on the West to withdraw their hand from the Muslim world but instead of playing our own game to counter them, we remain passive and continue to butter their bread.’

Atalay also referred to the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt, who for the better part of a century have been struggling in all fields of life, culminating in the election of Mohamed Morsi as the leader of Egypt, only to have him taken down by ‘dark forces.’

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