Two decades pass after the massacre of 16 Muslims in Serbia

Body remains of 16 Muslims from Serbia who were kidnapped, tortured and then killed in 1992, are not discovered until today, two decades after the massacre was committed

Two decades pass after the massacre of 16 Muslims in Serbia

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Family members and friends of the victims, alongside the group of non-governmental organizations from Serbia, marked 21st anniversary of the massacre committed against 16 Muslims from Serbia in Sjeverin.

They all reminded the Serbian government - again - of the need to show respect for families of the victims, and to pay respect to those who were killed by building a memorial.

Members of the “Avengers” unit under the command of war criminal Milan Lukić, intercepted a bus carrying civilians and on its way from Sjeverin, Serbia, to Mioče, Bosnia. After identifying the passengers, 15 men and one woman who were Muslims were taken off. They put them on a truck and transported to Višegrad where, at the “Vilina Vlas” Hotel, they tortured, physically and mentally, then taken to the bank of the river Drina, and killed.

All the victims are still recorded as missing, except for Medredin Hodžić, whose body remains were found in the mass grave inside the lake Perucac, at the border between Serbia and Bosnia, in 2010.

The Women in Black, and non-governmental organization from Serbia, issued a statement for the anniversary saying that the only reason for these people to be killed was their religion.

“All these people were never buried in a proper way, and their killers are not punished for their crime,” the organization said.

In May 2006, the supreme court of Serbia declared group of four former members of the unit Avengers, responsible for this crime.

Dragutin Dragicevic was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and Dorde Sevic to 15, while cousins Sreten and Milan Lukic were sentenced in absentia to 20 years in prison.

Meanwhile, Lukics were arrested and sent to the International tribunal in The Hague where they were sentenced for war crimes committed in 1992 in Visegrad.

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