Anti-Muslim hate crimes at highest since 9/11

Islamophobic hate crimes have peaked with the highest levels ever seen since 9/11

Anti-Muslim hate crimes at highest since 9/11

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According to a recent study by researchers at Cal State San Bernardino, anti-Muslim hate crimes reported in California rose 122% between 2014 and 2015.

“After the San Bernardino attack, we saw a marked jump in hate crimes against Muslims within several days,” said Brian Levin, executive director of the Cal State center. Among those incidents was an arson attack on a mosque in Riverside County days after the San Bernardino killings.

The report’s conclusions were based on hate crime data from 20 states. Although many states have yet to make public their own crime data, the jurisdictions included in the report account for more than half of the nation’s population, according to study authors.

In 2014, those 20 states reported 110 hate crimes against Muslims, compared with 196 in 2015 — a 78% increase.  

After Trump’s declaration on Dec. 7, 2015, that Muslims should be banned from entering in the U.S., researchers documented an 87.5% jump in acts of hate against that community in the five days that followed his remarks, compared with the same period the year before.

An estimated 3.3 million Muslims live in the United States and are constant attack with numerous  anti-Muslim rallies, the vicious hate crimes, the racial profiling, the threats and taunts and questions about divided loyalties.

The list of hate crimes is endless and beggars belief. A brief list, published by CNN shows that Muslimse have covered the doors of a mosque with feces and torn pages of the Quran, left a severed pig's head outside a mosque, firebombed mosques,urinated on mosques, spray-painted the Star of David and satanic symbols on mosques, carved swastikas and crude drawings of penises into signs at mosques, set fire to mosques, threatened to blow up mosques and kill "you Muslim f****," fired rounds from high-powered rifles into mosques, wrapped bacon around the door handles of mosques, left hoax bombs and fake grenadesat mosques, threatened to decapitate congregants at mosques, sent suspicious substances to mosques, written notes saying, "We hate you," "We will burn all of you" and "Leave our country" to mosques, rammed a tractor-trailer into a mosque, thrown bricks and stones through the windows of mosques, pelted Muslims with rocks as they left mosques and stood outside mosques shouting,"How many of you Muslims are terrorists?"

Dr. Kevin Grisham, the center’s assistant director for research, said, “The study shows statements by political leaders can be followed by distinct changes in hate crime incidents.”

Overall hate crimes climbed a little more than 5% — from 4,139 to 4,347 — in the 20 states included in the study. By comparison, California saw a 10% increase, with 758 hate crimes reported in 2014 and 837 reported in 2015, according to the study’s authors.

California’s disproportionate representation in overall hate crimes might be explained by better reporting, Levin said. Hate crimes in some states are vastly underreported, he said.

 Source: LA Times/CNN

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