Turkish journalists manhandled in Cairo, Baku

AA journalists were attacked by vigourous police officers in Cairo and Baku.

Turkish journalists manhandled in Cairo, Baku

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Anadolu Agency's (AA) correspondent Hazim Bedir and photo journalist Ahmed Muhyi were manhandled by Egyptian police officers as they wanted to cover the protests in capital Cairo.

Even though he took permission of a police chief to shoot demonstrations near the US Embassy in Cairo, AA's journalist Muhyi said, he was stopped by a police while he was on his way to take photos and several security forces beat him up.

Manhandled journalist said, he told the police officers that he was working in cooperation with the deputy interior minister however police officers did not care and moreover they insulted the deputy minister.

On another incident, AA correspondent Hazim Bedir who wanted to record the demonstrations of protestors near Tahrir Square was punched in the chest by a police officer.

Bedir stated, when he wanted to take photos of the protest, a police officer approached him and although he said that he was having a heart condition, the officer punched him on the chest. Bedir added, his camera was broken in the assault.

Bedir noted, the attacking policeman was not stopped by other security forces and when the journalist complaint about the officer, he was beaten for the second time.

Moreover, AA cameraman Ahmed es-Seyyid was shot in his foot during clashes between protestors and security forces in Port Said. On top of these, he was badly affected from the tear gas while he was suffering from a gun shot in his foot. The cameraman received first aid at the scene in an ambulance.

The increasing number of attacks towards members of the media in Egypt draws attention lately.

Lastly, Ruslan Rehimov, a member of the AA's Caucasus Regional Office in Baku, broke his arm while recording protests in Fevvareler Square. Journalist Rehimov fell down when police used water cannon.


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